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ok, now what?

September 5, 2011

sculptor David Lang

Life is changing once again and a move to Boston is in the near future.

I’m still getting used to the thought of living in a city where the population count is just about equal to that of the entire STATE population (Vermont) where I live now.

So…I spent the last several days in Boston looking for housing. While I came home empty-handed on that count, I did return with an imagination fired up by images of flying clams, seahorses, pigs and old-fashioned bicycle constructions of all kinds…I’m blaming sculptor David Lang for that whimsical detour.

Last Friday afternoon, following up on an intriguing tip in the Boston Globe, it was time for a visit to the Sculptors Gallery on the South End. Even if you’ve never been there, the scene will be familiar: brick warehouses in a funky neighborhood, claimed by artists as an all-in-one space to live, create, and (they hope!) sell their works. New York, Denver, and LA all have similar areas. Many towns do. Boston’s warehouse/artist  district is in the South End. That’s where the Sculptors Gallery is found, and right now it’s the home of David Lang’s fanciful show “OK, Now What?”

Lang’s creations are about (often improbable) kinetics, but they’re also about balance in an aesthetic reminiscent of Alexander Calder’s many wondrous mobiles. Check out my series of short videos below to see how they work.

And by all means – see the show in person, if you can. No photos or videos can really capture the effect of Lang’s vision or artistry.

David Lang talking about his work, “Play by Play”

Here’s a good article with details about Lang’s process and materials

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