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discover jazz fest 2011

April 13, 2011

Annnnnd…we’re off! Another Burlington Discover Jazz Festival (the city’s 28th) was launched today with the annual press conference at the Amy Tarrant Flynn Gallery downtown.

I’ve wanted to hear Myra Melford perform live for years and years. Looks like I’ll finally get  my chance on the evening of June 9th! She’ll be at the Flynn Space with her sextet, Be Bread. Herbie Hancock, Pancho Sanchez, Bela Fleck, Sheila Jordan, Roy Hargrove, Terence Blanchard…they’ll be there too. And those are just some of the highlights.

The schedule went live today on the newly revamped website, and while it’s not quite complete yet (the schedule), it’s looking pretty solid.

I’m glad the press conference is in April each year. It gives me plenty of lead time to rest up before the week+ of sleepless nights during the festival when I don’t want to miss anything.

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