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music 180

September 18, 2009
(photo by Lisa Kirchner)

(photo by Lisa Kirchner)

Nice remembrance of Leon Kirchner today on WBUR’s Here and Now. He passed away yesterday at 90. A student of Arnold Schoenberg and Ernest Bloch, his own teaching is remembered for its ability to reveal music from the inside by bringing live performances and music analysis together in the classroom. John Adams and Jonathan Kramer were part of Kirchner’s famously innovative Music 180 classes at Harvard.

When you’re ready to do some listening, maybe consider starting with some of my favorites: the piano pieces. Interludes, sonatas, the duos with violin, or the great Five Pieces from 1987. Whatever your pleasure, listen knowing that you’re hearing a singularly visionary voice in contemporary classical music.

(See another article here.)

the shape of jazz that came

June 17, 2009

2009-Jun17-OrnetteColeman“Above all, Coleman’s sound on the alto had a piercing cry that was intensely human – a visceral, urgent quality that made it a sound that was very hard to forget…”

On today’s edition of Here and Now: the BBC’s Kevin LeGendre’s offered a thoughtful and thorough retrospective on the 50th anniversary year of Ornette Coleman’s landmark recording, The Shape Of Jazz To Come. (It’s landmark, it’s milestone, pivotal, and seminal, all of the usual adjectives apply here for a very unusual and special recording – when will we have the ability to spontaneously create new words to match the innovative impact of music like this?)

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