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playlist #137 (11/29/10)-harvest offerings

November 29, 2010

World of Music
Pgm #137 – A little something for everyone at today’s musical harvest
Catch the show on Mondays 3-5pm EDT – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix – (USA / SENEGAL)
Sabakoe: Patenti / The Best of Sabakoe vol. 1 / Stemra 6 – (SURINAM)
Alicia Villareal: Ni Por Interesada / Orgullo de Mujer / Universal 6605 – (MEXICO)
The Sahara All-Stars: Take Your Soul / Disco Funk Special: The Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-1979 / Soundway 10 – (NIGERIA)
Shweta Jhaveri: Hori / Prabandh-Classical Vocal Forms of North India / 21st Century Cosmos 4 – (INDIA)
Offer Ankori: Yawaladi / Offerings / One Hand Records 1999 – (ISRAEL/TUNISIA/EGYPT)
Voragine: Ketama / O8001 / Work in Progress Records 2007 – (SPAIN)
Roland Tchakounte: Nju Ne Bala / Blues Menessen / Tupelo Productions 2010 – (CAMEROON) *NEW*
Kristi Stassinopoulou: Whirlpools / The Secrets of the Rocks / Tinder Records 861142 – (GREECE)
Raina  Rai: Dikra / Cairo to Casablanca / Putumayo 143 – (ALGERIA)
Luísa Maita:  Lero-Lero (DJ/rupture remix) / Luísa Maita Remixed / Cumbancha 87 – (BRAZIL)
Novalima: Chinchiví / Afro / Mr. Bongo Records 41 – (PERU)
Papa Wemba: Soul Gbemani / Best of Papa Wemba / Suave 6942139 – (DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO)
Lena Ka: Comme un dix Septembre / Cinquième Saison / Sacem 031075120478 – (FRANCE)
Paolo Conti: Gelato al Limon / The Best of Paolo Conti / Nonesuch 79512 – (ITALY)
Michele Choinière: Tant Mon Mari / La Violette / 2010 – (MADE IN VT) *NEW*
11 Acorn Lane: Le Sexe au Téléphone (Redial) / Painting Coconuts / 8450101876 – (FRANCE)
Toño Barrio: Reventando / Latin Groove / MTM 015003 – (COLOMBIA)
Taj Mahal: Muhoga wa jang’ombe / Taj Mahal Meets the Culture Music Club of Zanzibar / Mkutano 31 – (USA/ZANZIBAR)
Sheva & Friends: Nubi / Celestial Wedding / Globalev Music 733 – (ISRAEL)
Kailash Kher & Kailasa: Kaise Main Kahoon (How Do I Say It?) / Yatra (Nomadic Souls) / Cumbancha 14 – (INDIA)
Gaida: Ammar / Levantine Indulgence / Palmyra Recordings 2009 – (SYRIA)
Samurindó: Cuando Ovejas no era Sucre / Jazz Colombia / MTM 017003 – (COLOMBIA)

playlist #101 (2/8/2010)-the 2nd centennial show

February 9, 2010

World of Music
Pgm #101 – It’s the first week anniversary of the 100th show today, we’ll continue the celebration with some of the defining songs and sounds of the last 2 + 1/2 years together
Listen Mondays 3-5pm EDT  – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
Madison’s Lively Stones: When The Saints Go Marching In / Saints’ Paradise / Smithsonian Folkways 40117 – (MASSACHUSETTS, USA)
Ingrid Lucia & The Flying Neutrinos: I Believe In Miracles / Hotel Child / Ao! Records 33 – (N’AWLINS, USA)
Mojarra Eléctrica: Parió La Luna / Calle 19 / MTM 18332 – (COLOMBIA)
Rupa & The April Fishes: Culpa de la Luna (Blame it on the moon) / Este Mundo / Cumbancha 15 – (SAN FRANCISCO, USA)
Rachid Taha: Rock el Casbah / Téketoi / Wrass Records 126 – (ALGERIA)
Le Vente du Norde: Les Trois Frères Roy / Maudite Moisson! / Borealis 151 – (QUÉBEC) – At the Lebanon Opera House on 3/13/2010, 7:30pm
Twist of the Wrist: Donna Lombarda / Twist of the Wrist / (self-produced) 2009 – (MADE IN VT)
Hamed Daye: Ne Me Quitte Pas / La grande épopée du Hip-Hop français / Blackdoor Music 25663 – (FRANCE)
Oslo Gospel Choir: Vaer Meg Naer (Kumbayah) / Salmeskatt / FXCD 272 – (NORWAY)
The Baka Forest People: Call of the Forest / Rhythm Tree / MAHA 20 – (CAMEROON)
Dobet Gnahoré: Intro Pygmé-Youné / Ano Neko / Contre Jour 14 – (IVORY COAST)
Marco Calliari: Bella Luna / Che La Vita / Cosa Nostra 1935 – (ITALY)
Alicia Villareal: Pepe Le Pew / Cuando El Se Cruza / Universal 2264 – (MEXICO)
Te Vaka: Sei Ma La Losa / South Pacific Islands / Putumayo 231 – (NEW ZEALAND)
Rajery: Sofera / Sofera / Marabi 46820 – (MADAGASCAR)
Ozomotli: La Gallina / Rough Guide to Latin Funk / Rough Guide 1196 – (CALIFORNIA, USA)
Bishi: Nights At The Circus / Nights At The Circus / Gryphon 3 – (INDIA / UK)
Tiris: El Leil, El Leil (The Night, The Night) / Sandtracks / Sandblast Recordings 1 – (WESTERN SAHARA)
Novalima: Se Me Van / Coba Coba / Cumbancha 9 – (PERU)
Jon Balke & Amina Alaoui: A La Dina Dana / Siwan (Equilibrium) / ECM 2042 – (NORWAY / MOROCCO)
Kadda Cherif Hadria: Echdek / Djezaïr / Naïve 36911 – (ALGERIA)
Aurelio Martinez: Tumari Tibarimu (Her son-in-law is her lover) / Paranda / Stonetree Records 18 – (BELIZE)
Marcia Griffiths: Sea of Love / Truly / Heartbeat 11661 – (JAMAICA)
Marc Ribot: Congo / Musica de la Tierra Vol. II / Music of the World 207 – (HAITI)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo feat. Taj Mahal: Mbube / Long Walk To Freedom / Heads Up Records 3109 – (SOUTH AFRICA)
Debasahish Bhattacharya: Gypsy Anandi / Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey / Riverboat 1049 – (INDIA)
Mito y Fusión Rapa Nui:  Cada Mañana / Piri Ote Mana / Bizarro Records 263067 – (CHILE)
Kailash Kher & Kailasa: Chaandan Mein / Yatra (Nomadic Souls) / Cumbancha 14 – (INDIA)
Mercedes Sosa: Gracias a La Vida / Homeneje a Violeta Parra / Philips 818332 – (CHILE)

2009 in the rearview: what’s to love in music, part 1

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking about the fact that year-end “best of” music lists usually leave me wanting because of how tunnel-visioned they can be. When you come across a list described as “Best Songs” or “Best Albums of the Year” you can guess without even glancing at it that it will more than likely focus on pop or indie releases. They contain no jazz, no world music, not even any country or folk music “songs” – and classical or opera are definitely out of the question.

This much I know of indie/pop music from the last year: Death Cab for Cutie, Wilco, the Decemberists, Neko Case and Jonatha Brooks all have recent recordings and make for fine listening. If you’re into more adventurous sounds, you’ll enjoy the latest from XX, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bears, and the Dirty Projectors. Likewise, I’m told the new Lady Gaga recording really represents a new sound; a genuinely fresh and creative vision. I haven’t heard much of it myself yet but I’m curious, always on the lookout for a unique voice, and I will certainly check it out at some point.

For anything besides pop or indie offerings you need to move past the popular “best of” lists and find less mainstream, more specialized sources if they exist. That’s alright, I suppose, I’d rather have a good list from an expert than a few token offerings from someone who doesn’t really love the music they’re listing.

Consequently, this look back at 2009’s music may come off as somewhat unconventional. It contains music from several different genres. I don’t feel like I can call it the “best of 2009” because I didn’t hear everything that came out last year. And I’m not going to limit the list to a number: this isn’t the ‘top 10’ or the  ‘top 50’. In fact I’m not sure right now how many recordings there will be on the final list. I’m just going to share with you some of the sounds that caught my ear over the last year, with the one provision that the recordings listed here all warranted repeated listening. In no special order, these are the recordings I loved and listened to the most in 2009:

Einujuhani Rautavaara: “12 Concertos” – I do believe that native landscape and culture can have a tangible effect on a music’s sound, and not always intentionally. The simultaneous compositional austerity and warmth of Finland’s Einojuhani Rautavaara is found nowehere more evidently than in his concertos, recently collected in the 2009 anthology 12 Concertos from Ondine Records. In each work, his great skill at manipulating a pre-determined tonal palette gives the music the lumonisity and transparency of masterful, muscular watercolors. The set includes the three piano concertos along with the concertos for harp, for flute, for violin, for cello, and – my two favorites, the Clarinet Concerto and the Concerto for (Arctic) Birds and Orchestra. There is so much to love in this rich anthology, and just when you think you’ve experienced all the 4-CD set has to offer, you can listen again and make more new discoveries.            Kailash Kher & Kailasa: “Yatra – Nomadic Souls” – If you lived in India the following sentence wouldn’t be necessary: Kailash Kher is the most popular singer in India today. His familiar beaming smile, powerful voice, supreme musicianship and magnetic personality have given him a place on the stage (leading his group, Kailasa); in Bollywood (as a top film composer); and on Indian television (as a celebrity judge on the show, Indian Idol). So why, in America, is this introduction necessary? It’s crazy to me that people around the world know who Madonna, Beyoncé, and Brittney Spears are: even if people have never heard the music from these artists, the personalities are an inescapable international pop culture ‘presence’. Conversely, American audiences are often in the dark when it comes to the superstars (not to mention the equally talented, lesser-known artists) of other countries. If you don’t already know Kailash Kher, then please let the outstanding 2009 recording Yatra – Nomadic Souls be your introduction to this fascinating musician and the fine ensemble Kailasa. The songs are traditional in many ways like their instrumentation (including tablas, oud and santoor) and their form (Sufi qwaal and Hindustani ‘classical’), and yet equally contemporary in others, like their length (shorter) and rhythmic, melody-driven lines. Yatra is an endlessly rewarding recording that balances genuine soul with popular appeal.

Kurt Elling: “Dedicated to You” – Let’s see: One of today’s most gifted and stylish singer/arrangers decides to pay tribute to monster talents John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman, by re-interpreting the songs from their iconic eponymous collaboration. (Along with a few bonus tunes from the Hartman-less Coltrane Ballads release). We’ll call the result, Dedicated to You, a win/win/win with a solid chalk mark in every column. Elling does not trawl through the original lineup, track for track, note for note, nuance for nuance, in the kind of misguided “tribute” that so often comes off much more like an overly reverent excercise in faithful recreation. Elling revisits the original songs by inhabiting them, with his signature exquisite phrasing, his soaring vocal technique, and his own personal warmth as a singer. It is obvious he truly loves these songs, he loves the Coltrane/Hartman versions of them, and he loves being able to bring them to audiences in his own, fully-invested way. Understanding and appreciating your source material is a great place to come from as an artist. And it’s a great place to visit with this special, very personal recording, which as far as I am concerned can Say It Over (and Over and Over…) Again.

The Very Best: “The Warm Heart of Africa” – I was introduced to this recording by a friend, late in the year – many months after Warm Heart had been released (and more than a year after the first excited buzz about it had begun circulating on the web). My first reaction was dismay, in thinking “how did I miss this one?” and then I put that aside and let myself be carried away by the ride. And what a ride! Warm Heart lives up to every bit of its name with groovy, light-spirited funky tunes that rely on the feel and tradition of African vocals, rhythms and musical styles (highlife, in particular) fused with Western pop sensibilities. Great fun, but happily not to the detriment of quality music-making.

Renée Fleming: “Verismo” – I’d be hard put (and flat-out wrong) to describe Renée Fleming as a verismo soprano. She’s just too nice. But do I love her singing verismo arias? Yes I do! Even when she’s not given to the full range of hysteria, sobbing, and frequently guttural, more earthy sounds that characterize the style at its most fully realized. The one aria on Verismo I found myself returning to repeatedly is the hauntingly sad Sola, perduta, abbandonata (“alone, lost, and abandoned”) from Puccini’s defining opera, Manon Lescaut. Fleming gets all of that one. Along with the familiar verismo arias are several rarely heard selections, like those from Giordano’s Siberia (you’re not the only one saying “Giordano’s WHAT!?” right now), and Cilèa’s Gloria. Fleming completists will want to add this one to the collection because it’s Fleming. And, it’s good. If you’re more into the faithful rendering of the repertoire at its verismo brightest, this recording may not be the one you want. Bottom line is, this is a very nice recording with Fleming at her smoky, emotive best – verismo perfect or not.

Brad Paisley: “American Saturday Night” – Remember Brad Paisley’s “Ticks“? That’s a song that got play far beyond its targeted country music audience. The reason was its novelty, of course, but it goes beyond that. Paisley is a top-flight songwriter (and guitarist, for that matter) whose abilities shine through in funny, insightful and often poignant observations on the common things of everyday human life. He’s bold and adventurous, and his style offers a fresh perspective in an increasingly discouraging formulaic landscape of pre-fab country music hooks and hits. I’ve been listening to country music longer than any other style. I grew up on Marty Robbins and Jim Reeves and Charley Pride and Hank and Johnny and Roy and Elvis and Dolly and all the other country greats known best by a single, iconic name. With over 40 years of listening to country music (and, yes, liking it too –  if that needs to be said) I’m telling you, Brad Paisley is the real deal. American Saturday Night represents something of a change for Paisley as he moves away from catchy novelty songs and the clever rhymes to offer reflections on everything from raising kids in the 21st c. world of internet and iPods (Welcome to the Future), to the tender ballad about mature love, Then. And if you listen to country music for a flat-out good time, not to worry, American Saturday Night isn’t only about Deep Thoughts and Grown-up Perspective: the title track will be enough to keep your pointy-toed sh**-kickers tapping for a long time to come. This country girl sends up an enthusiastic “yeee-HAW!” for Brad Paisley!

Myra Melford & Satoko Fujii: “Under the Water” – I am a Myra Melford devotee. I hang avidly on her every keystroke. I devour everything she records, and follow obscure fan blogs and websites for any whiff, any unsubstantiated rumour about upcoming projects or comments on her recent performances. If you’re lucky enough, every so often an artist comes along who speaks to you on such an intense and complete level that every encounter, however brief, is a completely satisfying experience. John Coltrane and Myra Melford both do that for me. But even without that connection, I think I would have enjoyed this unusual recording for the ambition of its scope and fulfillment of that vision. Under the Water is a live collaboration between Melford and a kindred creative spirit, the Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii. Piano duos are uncommon, and that fact becomes exponential when the two performers in the duo are such uncommonly extraordinary artists as Melford and Fujii. The spontaneous, free-form recital runs the spectrum from delicate, melodic runs and lively duo interplay to dark, thumping tone clusters that act as the aural equivalent of the blackened, heavy-bottomed Cumulus of summer thunderstorms. Melford’s solo exploration, Be Melting Snow, is an inspired joyride in adept pianistic effect. Five tracks in all on this CD, it’s a journey. Prepare yourself accordingly. Under the Water isn’t an easy recording to find, but you can listen to a few samples and get a copy here at the Squidco website. (Recorded live in recital, Sept. 14, 2007 at Maybeck Studio in Berkeley, CA)

2009 in the rearview, part two coming up…stay tuned…and tell me about your 2009 favorites! Leave a comment here.

playlist #93 (12/14/2009)-holidays & 2009 review

December 14, 2009
World of Music
Pgm #93 – Holiday sounds & 2009 year-end review (pt. II)
Listen Mondays 3-5pm EDT  – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
Michael Doucet: It Came Upon A Midnight Clear / Christmas Bayou / Swallow 6064 – (N’AWLINS)
Catarina Cardeal & Mike Siracusa: Noite Feliz / Sounds of the Season /CBC 3018 – (PORTUGAL / CANADA)
Liuba Maria Hevia: Venid Fieles Todos (Adeste Fideles) / Christmas Around the World / Putumayo 218 – (HAITI)
Singing Francine: The Christmas Clock / Parang Parang / PCD 2408 – (TRINIDAD)
Alton Ellis: Christmas Coming / Reggae Christmas From Studio One / Heartbeat 118 – (JAMAICA)
Novalima (EarthRise “Bedouin Breakdown” Mix): Se Me Van / Coba Coba Remixed / Cumbancha 11 – (PERU)
Sarazino: Mundo Babilón 2 / Ya Foy! / Cumbancha 13 – (ECUADOR / CANADA)
Rupa & The April Fishes: Espero La Luna (Waiting for the Moon) / Este Mundo / Cumbancha 15 – (SAN FRANCISCO)
Kailash Kher & Kailasa: Dilruba (Beloved) / Yatra (Nomadic Souls) / Cumbancha 14 – (INDIA)
Idan Raichel Project featuring Maya Avraham: Shev (Stay) / Within My Walls / Cumbancha 10 – (ISRAEL)
Kimi Djabaté: Fatu (Tribute to Fatunata) / Karam / Cumbancha 12 – (GUINEA BISSAU)
Papi Brandao y Sus Ejecutivos: Decidede Mi Amor / Panamá! 2 / Soundway 13 – (PANAMÁ)
Akim El Sikameya: Chouia L’Mon Coeur / Introducing Akim El Sikameya / World Music Network 113 – (ALGERIA)
Claudia Acuña: El Cigarrito / En Este Momento / Marsalis Music 74946-10 – (CHILE)
Giorgio Conte: Balla Con Me (Dance With Me) / Italia / Putumayo 290 – (ITALY)
Martina Camargo: La Tambora de Cayetano / Canto, Palo y Cuero / Chico World Music 2009 – (COLOMBIA)
The Baileys: Star of the County Down / A Song for Ireland / Toucan Cove Entertainment 1105 – (IRELAND)
Susan McKeown & Lorin Sklamberg: Buenos Aires / Saints & Tzadiks / World Village 468089 – (IRELAND / USA)
Isabelle Georges & The Sirba Octet:  Basarabye / From the Shtetl to New York / Ambroisie 173 – (FRANCE)
Allen Toussaint: Long, Long Journey / The Bright Mississippi / Nonesuch 480380 – (N’AWLINS)
Tony Whedon & PoJazz: Things to Pray to in Vermont / PoJazz: Live at the Black Door / – (MADE IN VT)
Maria Bethânia: Guriatã / Tua (You) / Biscoito Fino 914 – (BRAZIL)
Minino Garay: Poder Decib Te Amo / Que Lo Pario! / Naïve 145176 – (ARGENTINA)
Elisete: Fantasy / Minhas Cores / 2009 – (ISRAEL)
Rodrigo Chávez: La Vida Simple / Color de Rumba / Cassava 9 – (TORONTO)
La Severa Matacera: Horny and Free-To / V.I.S.A. / Kallpa Records 2009 – (COLOMBIA)
The Lost Fingers: Straight Up / Lost In The ’80s / Sony 88697556082 – (QUÉBEC)

playlist #92 (12/7/2009)-year-end 2009 review

December 11, 2009
World of Music
Pgm #92 – Reviewing some of 2009’s top world recordings
Listen Mondays 3-5pm EDT  – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry
: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) –  (USA / SENEGAL)
Ska Cubano: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / Ay Caramba! / Cumbancha 1 – (CUBA)
Pistolera: No Suspires (No Sighs) / Siempre Hay Salida / 2006 – (NY CITY)
Tchavolo Schmitt: Antsela /French Essentials / BurexJazz 5 – (FRANCE)
Abdul Aziz Al Mubarek: Bitgoolila / Abdul Aziz Al Mubarek / GlobeStyle Records 23 – (SUDAN)
Telmary Diaz: Que Equivoca’o / A Diario / DM Ahora Records 3 – (CUBA)
Béaturia: Teléphone / MIDEM Sampler / 2008 – (SPAIN)
Bole 2 Harlem: Ya Selam / Volume 1 / Sounds of the Mushroom v.1 – (ETHIOPIA)
Shruti Sadolikar: Raga Bhairavi / Shruti Sadolikar / Nimbus 5346 – (INDIA)
Easy Star All-Stars featuring Sugar Minott: When I’m Sixty-Four / Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band / Easy Star Records 21622 – (JAMAICA)
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs: Arde Buenos Aires / Lo Esencial Los Fabulosos Cadillacs / norte  706443 – (ARGENTINA)
Rokia Traoré: Tounka / Tchamantché / Universal 530 785 – (MALI)
Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion: Mambozart (on Mozart’s Symphony #40) / Classic Meets Cuba / Sony 93090 – (CUBA)
Chango Spasiuk: Alvear Orilla, Estancia Santa Maria, Tío Marcos, La Ratonera / Pynandí / World Village 468083 – (ARGENTINA) *2009 release*
Tinariwen: Lulla / Imadiwan: Companions / World Village 468096 – (MALI) *2009 release*
Willie Colón: Cuando Me Muera / El Malo vol. II / Lone Wolf Records 804 – (CUBA) *2009 release*
Angelique Kidjo: Zelie / Oyo / N/A *DEMO* – (BENIN) * preview – coming out in 2010 *
Debashish Bhattcharya: Milaap / O Shakuntala! / Riverboat Records 1053 – (INDIA) *2009 release*
K’Naan: Take a Minute / Troubadour / A&M Octone / 12478 – (SOMALIA) *2009 release*
Oumou Sangare: Kounadya / Seya / Nonesuch 519650 – (MALI) *2009 release* – Grammy nominee, Best Contemporary World Music Album
Syran Mbenza & Ensemble: Rumba Kongo / Zozo Visi / Immortal Franco: Africa’s Unrivaled Guitar Legend / Riverboat Records 1050 – (CONGO) *2009 release*
Jon Balke & Amina Alaoui: A la Dina Dana / Siwan / ECM 2042 – (NORWAY / MOROCCO) *2009 release*
Les Léopards: D’Leau Coco (Coconut Milk) / Tumbélé: Biguine, Afro and Latin Sounds from the French Caribbean, 1963-74 / Soundway 17 – (MARTINIQUE) *2009 release*
Mamane Barka: Wo Kuru / Introduucing Mamane Barka / World Music Network 114 – (NIGER) *2009 release*
Kailash Kher & Kailasa: Kaise Main Kahoon (How Do I Say It?) / Yatra (Nomadic Souls) / Cumbancha 14 – (INDIA) *2009 release*
Omara Portuondo featuring Jorge Drexler: Gracias / Gracias / World Village 479021 – (CUBA) *2009 release* – Latin Grammy winner, Best Traditional Tropical Album
…and listen for more new 2009 world releases in the next show!

playlist #85 (10/19/2009)-a jolly good mix of tunes

October 19, 2009
World of Music
Pgm #85 – New releases, international adventures, and discovering the world right here at home
Listen Mondays 3-5pm EDT  – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
Michael Rose: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? / The Mighty Quinn (film soundtrack) / MGM Pictures 3341 – (JAMAICA)
Fatima Spar and the Freedom Fries: Andrejs Nächt / Zirzop / Geco-Tonwaren 293 – (BALKAN / AUSTRIA)
Bonerama: Cabbage Alley / Bringing It Home / MTP 1101 – (N’AWLINS)  * At FlynnSpace this Thursday, 10pm: *
Youssou N’Dour: 4-4-4-4 / Rokku Mi Rokka (Give and Take) / Nonesuch 266044 – (SENEGAL)
Les Orientales: Stenitek – Besame Mucho (Kiss Me A Lot) / Music-Hall d’Algérie / mk2 Music 8345106342 – (ALGERIA)
Kadda Cherif Hadria: Djezaïr / Djezaïr / Naïve 36911 – (ALGERIA)
Soha: C’est Bien Comme Ça / D’Ici et D’Ailleurs / Opendisc 5099950318100 – (ALGERIA)
Le Vent du Nord: Au Bord de la Fontaine / Maudite Moisson! / Borealis 151 – (QUÉBEC)
Rupa & The April Fishes: Culpa de la Luna (It’s the Moon’s Fault) / Este Mundo / Cumbancha 15 – (SAN FRANCISCO) *NEW – Coming to Parima on 11/9/09 – *
Easy Star All-Stars: Like the Stars / Until That Day / Easy Star Records 1016 – (JAMAICA)
Dee Dee Bridgewater: Afro Blue / Red Earth / DDB Records 9091 – (USA / MALI) * Coming to the Flynn on 11/1/09 –
Novalima: Libertá / Coba Coba / Cumbancha 9 – (PERU)
Mamane Barka: Wo Kuru /Introducing Mamane Barka / World Music Network 114 – (NIGER REPUBLIC) *NEW*
Mariza: Vozes do Mar (Voices of the Sea) / Terra 4Q 1814 – (PORTUGAL) *NEW*
Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective: Baba (Father) / Wátina / Cumbancha 3 – (BELIZE)
Tony Whedon & friends: Things to Pray to in Vermont (to the tune of “If I Had You”) / Last Days: Live at the Black Door / PoJAZZ 1 – (MADE IN VERMONT) *NEW – CDs can be purchased online for $10 at: *
Pitz Quattrone & The Earthman Band: Locomotor / The EP /    802-229-4952 – (MADE IN VERMONT) *NEW*
Twist of the Wrist: Donna Lombarda / Twist of the Wrist / self-produced N/A – (MADE IN VERMONT)
Guagua: Charanga / Pan Frito / 1128 – (MADE IN VERMONT)
Les Loups Noirs d’Haïti: Jet Biguine / Tumbélé! / Soundway 17 – (MARTINIQUE) *NEW*
Hal and the Big S: Zamiyego / Umoya / Halspirit Records 2 – (SOUTH AFRICA) *NEW*
Emily Loizeau: La Femme a Barbe (The Bearded Lady) / Pays Sauvage / Opendisc 531407 – (FRANCE) *NEW*
Kailash Kher & Kailasa: Guru Ghantal / Yatra (Nomadic Soul) / Cumbancha 14 – (INDIA) *NEW*
Mexican Institute of Sound (remix): Cha Cha Cha / Lotería Beats Mixtape vol. 1 – Raul Campos / Nacional Records 68499 – (MEXICO)
Félix Baloy: Mami Te Gustó / Baila Mi Son / Tumi 100 – (CUBA)

playlist #83 (9/28/2009) – new (musical) styles for fall

September 28, 2009
World of Music
Pgm #83 – New (musical) styles for fall
Listen Mondays 3-5pm EDT  – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
Te Vaka: Sei Ma La Losa (This Flower and This Rose) / South Pacific Islands / Putumayo 231 – (NEW ZEALAND/SAMOA)
Les Triaboliques: black earth boys / rivermudtwilight / World Village 468088 – (UK/WORLD FUSION) *NEW*
Tinariwen: Imazeghen n Adagh (Touareg of the Adagh) / Imidiwan (Companions) / World Village 468096 – (WESTERN SAHARA) *NEW*
Jon Balke & Amina Alaoui: Ya Safwati / Siwan / ECM 2042 – (NORWAY/MOROCCO) *NEW*
Rhythms del Mundo featuring Augusto Enriquez: Bohemian Rhapsody / RDM Classics / Decca 13188 – (CUBA) *NEW*
Izaline Calister: Telenovela (Soap Opera) / Krioyo / Network 26258 – (CURAÇAO)
Hadouk Trio: Tourneblues / Baldamore / Naïve 812891 – (FRANCE/MAURITANIA) *NEW*
Sara Tavares: Di Alma / Xinti / 4Q World Connection 1818 – (CAPE VERDE) *NEW*
Kimi Djabaté: Bagi / Karam / Cumbancha Discovery 12 – (GUINEA-BISSAU) *NEW*
Pascal Parisot: Bip! / Les Pieds Dans La Plat / Traffix Music 2008 – (FRANCE)
Los Van Van: Soy Normal, Natural / Lo Ultimo En Vivo / Qbadisc 9020 – (CUBA)
Elk Soldier: For the Elders (sung in Nakota) / The Elk Dreamers / Canyon Records 6453 – (NATIVE AMERICAN: LAKOTA SIOUX)
The Shi People (Bantu): Uni Urmi / Music of the Shi People / Alula Origins 5008 – (ZAIRE)
Lila Downs: Los Pollos / Shake Away / EMI 92437 – (MEXICO)
Kristi Stassinopoulou: Strong Winds Blockade / The Secrets of the Rocks / Tinder Records 861142 – (GREECE)
Atongo Zimba: Deingo Sanga (We’re Having a Party) / Barefoot In The Sand / HiPPO Records 71055 – (GHANA)
Kailash Kher & Kailasa: Kaise Main Kahoon (How Do I Say It?) / Yatra (Nomadic Souls) / Cumbancha Discovery 14 – (INDIA) *NEW*
Stewart Sukuma: Kadivaé Mõnõ / Mozambique Relief / Naxos World 76019 – (MOZAMBIQUE)
Chiwoniso: Wakashinga / Rebel Woman / Cumbancha 8 – (ZIMBABWE)
Debashish Bhattacharya: Milaap / O Shakuntala! / Riverboat Records 1053 – (INDIA) *NEW*
Emily Loizeau: Le Coeur d’un Géant (Heart of a Giant) / Pays Sauvage / Opendisc-Polydor     531407 – (FRANCE) *NEW*
Cristobal Perez y Su Conjunto: La Negra Celina / The Rough Guide to Cumbia / Rough Guide 1043 – (COLOMBIA)
Black Uhuru: Mondays-Killer Tuesday / Liberation / Island Records 314 518 282 – (JAMAICA)
Izaline Calister: Mi Sekreto (My Secret) / Krioyo / Network 26258 – (CURAÇAO)
Balkan Beat Box: BBBeat / Nu*Med / Jdub 106 – (ISRAEL / BROOKLYN, NY)

playlist #82 (9/21/2009) – last day of summer!

September 21, 2009
Kailash Kher
World of Music
Pgm #82 – Fun in the Sun: welcoming tomorrow’s autumn equinox with the last summer world party music of the season
Listen Mondays 3-5pm EDT  – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
The Blind Boys of Alabama (with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band): Uncloudy Day / Down in New Orleans / Time Life 19548 – (N’AWLINS)
Marcia Griffiths: I Shall Sing / Truly / Heartbeat 11611 – (JAMAICA)
The Jolly Boys: Ripe Tomato / Sunshine ‘n’ Water / Ryko 10187 – (JAMAICA)
Rupa & The April Fishes: La Linea / Este Mundo / Cumbancha 15 – (SAN FRANCISCO, USA) *NEW – preview, not yet released! *
Kronos Quartet: Nihavent Sirto (Trad. Turkish) / Floodplain / Nonesuch 518349 – (SAN FRANCISCO /TURKEY) *NEW*
Simone Lo Porto: Il Girasole (The Sunflower) / Italia / Putumayo 290 – (ITALY) *NEW*
Sidestepper: San Juan Good Vibe Mix / La Buena Vibra Sound System / Sony 88697 – (COLOMBIA)
Belgistan: Iggy Bop / Musiques et Danses du Belgistan / 1003 – (BELGIUM)
NG La Banda: No me Molestas Más / The Best of NG La Banda / Hemisphere 21391 – (CUBA)
Calypso Rose featuring Soft/Fred Deshayes: Summertime / Calypso Rose / CMG 2308 – (TOBAGO)
Indian Ocean: Khajuraho / Kandisa / Times Music, India 1 – (INDIA)
Alicia Villareal: Pepe LePew / Cuando el Se Cruza / Universal    2264 – (MEXICO)
Rajery: Sofera / Sofera / Marabi 46820 – (MADAGASCAR)
Ensemble La Perfecta: Jojo / Tumbélé / Soundway 17 – (GUADELOUPE) * NEW – preview – being released in early October *
Emily Loizeau: Dis-moi Que Toi Tu Ne Pleures Pas (Tell Me You’re Not Crying Anymore) / Pays Sauvage / Opendisc-Polydor 531407 – (FRANCE) *NEW*
Giorgio Conte: Gnè, Gnè / Il Contestorie / Historie di Note 30 – (ITALY)
Mariachi “Arriba Juárez”: Tenías Que Ser Tan Cruel / Gracias, Juan Gabriel! / Spartacus 27006 – (MEXICO)
Emeline Michel: Moso Maman / Cordes et Ame / Cheval de Feu 1 – (HAITI)
Kailash Kher & Kailasa: Kar Kar Main Haara / Yatra (Nomadic Souls) / Cumbancha 14 – (INDIA) *NEW – preview, not yet released! *
Niyaz: Arezou /Niyaz / Six Degrees 657036 – (IRAN)
Ralph Thamar: Les Enfants du Soleil (Children of the Sun) / Mega Zouk / Stemra 3005012 – (FRENCH WEST INDIES)
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Work Song / An Anthology-The Elektra Years / Elektra 62124 – (USA)
Tinariwen: Chet Boghassa / Amassakoul / Triban Union 14 – (WESTERN SAHARA)
Rokia Traoré: Koronoko / Tchamantché / Emarcy 530785 – (MALI)
Kaya: Sensé / Rough Guide to the Music of the Indian Ocean / Rough Guide 1086 –  (LA RÉUNION)

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