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take five: latina jazz

July 25, 2009

ClaudiaAcunaHeard on NPR this morning, the latest in the ‘Take Five’ series (5 recordings recommended by the music staff, usually on a theme). Today’s feature: Latina jazz singers. I was familiar with three of the five (Claudia Acuna, Susana Baca and Martirio) and happy to learn about the other two (Venissa Santi and Magos Herrera). Claudia and Susana in particular are favorites, with strong, sweet voices and a great gift for phrasing.

I’ve always found the best way to learn about new music is through friends. So let’s do that. I’m going to borrow NPR’s idea and call the occasional series here “Trading Fours”. Leave a comment here and send me your favorite four recommendations on a theme – any musical genre – and a little note about why you picked them. Write as much or as little as you want, but I can tell you I will be a lot less likely to post your music choices if they don’t come with any explanation.

No names necessary unless you want to leave that too, keep it anonymous if you want. Pick a theme, send me your four faves (with the reason why) and I’ll find the cover art and do the rest. The point is to share your particular passion or expertise and let the rest of us in on some tunes we might not otherwise know about.

I’ll it started with a set of four I’ll call “Things I’ve been listening to this week”, give me a little bit to put it together and check back here in a bit for the results. And be thinking about yours.

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