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playlist #152 (3/28/11)-mud season mix

March 29, 2011

World of Music
Pgm #152 – Uplifting tunes to help us rise above the reality of mud season
Catch the show on Mondays 3-5pm ET – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
Babacar: Ignane / Musica Négra / Estela 20 – (SENEGAL)
Andrea Echeverri: Ya Yo No / Andrea Echeverri / EMI 12220 – (COLOMBIA)
Vinicius Cantuária & Bill Frisell: Mi Declaratión / Lágrimas Mexicanas / EOM 2110 – (BRAZIL / USA)    *NEW*
Hermanas Ferrin: Quien Dice Que Yo / Mi Linda Guajira / Virgin Records 8484172 – (CUBA)
Dub Is A Weapon: Turmoil / Vaporized / Homegrown Music Network 38 – (USA) *NEW*
Lotfi Double Canon: 7oukouma / Khalas mixtape, vol. I / (download) – (ALGERIA) *NEW*
Lök Batan Folklore Group: Qalx Ayaga Azerbaycan (Stand Up, Azerbaijan!) / Azerbaijan – Traditional Music / ARC Music 2318 – (AZERBAIJAN) *NEW*
“Telephone” set:
Ruben Blades: El Telefonito / The Best / Globo Records 80718 – (PANAMA)
Baetúria: Teléphone / MIDEM Sampler 2008 / MIDEM 2008 – (SPAIN)
Telmary Diaz: Que equivoca’o (How true it is) / A Diario / DM Ahora Records  2006 – (CUBA)
Bole 2 Harlem: Ya Selam / Bole 2 Harlem / Sounds of the Mushroom V.1 – (ETHIOPIA)
11 Acorn Lane: Le Sexe au Téléphone [Redial] / Painting Coconuts / – (FRANCE)
Salute to the now-defunct BBC Caribbean service:
The New Islanders: Caribbean Cruise / Music of the Caribbean / Intersound 8906 – (TRINIDAD)
Calypso Rose: Back To Africa / Calypso Rose / CMG 2308 –  (TOBAGO)
Kali: La Biguine des Enfants du Bon Dieu / Caribe! Caribe! / Putumayo 153 – (MARTINIQUE)
Oswin Chin Behilia: Zikinzá / Liber / Otrabanda Records 10 – (CURAÇAO)
Indian sax man/bandleader Rudresh Mahanthappa plays at Flynn Space this Friday night. Here’s a taste of his music with another group:
Miles From India: So What / Miles From India / Times Square Records 1808 – (INDIA)
Malouma: Gamly / Nour / Marabi 46819 – (MAURITANIA)
Chopteeth:  Struggle / Afrofunk Big Band / Grigri Discs 1001 – (WASHINGTON, D.C., USA)
Great cover tunes:
The Lost Fingers: Billie Jean / Lost In The 80s / Sony 88697556082 – (CANADA)
Augusto Enriquez: Bohemian Rhapsody / Rhythms Del Mundo / Decca 13188 – (CUBA)
Los Mocosos: Spill The Wine / Shades Of Brown / Six Degrees 6570361049 – (SAN FRANCISCO, USA)
El Pollito de California: No Es Nada Extraño (It’s Not Unusual) / Perversiones Flamencas / Zimba 9221212 – (SPAIN)

playlist #147 (2/7/11)-egypt and beyond

February 7, 2011

World of Music
Pgm #147 – Egypt is in the news, and on the air today as we start the show with classic and contemporary recordings from the land of Pharaohs.
Catch the show on Mondays 3-5pm EDT – at 105.9FM in Burlington, VT or online at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
Oum Kalsoum: Techouf Omuri / L’essentiel Oum Kalsoum / EMI 537605 – (EGYPT)
El Tanbura: Between the Desert and the Sea / Between the Desert and the Sea / World Village 450002 – (EGYPT)
Hossam Ramzy & Phil Thornton: Om Faraon / Egypt Unveiled / ARC Music  2316 – (EGYPT)
Sharkiat: Nahawand / Cairo to Casablanca / Putumayo 143 – (EGYPT)
Ibro Lolov & His Gypsy Orchestra: Vecheren Tantz / CD Catalogue Vol. 9 / ARC Music  9 – (BULGARIA)
Lila Downs: Nueve Viento / Tree of Life / EMI 49798 – (MEXICO)
Badar Ali Khan: Love / Lost in Qawwali III / Media Creature Music / – (PAKISTAN)
Third World: 96 Degrees in the Shade / 96 Degrees in the Shade  / Mango 162-539-830 – (JAMAICA)
Peggy Lee: Fever / Come Rain or Come Shine / EMI 83472 – (USA)
Bobby Valentin: Bad Breath / Bad Breath / Fania 773130344 – (PUERTO RICO)
Andy Narrell & Relator: Pan on Sesame Street / University of Calypso / Heads Up 3168 – (USA/TRINIDAD)
Andy Narrell & Relator: Ugly Woman / University of Calypso / Heads Up 3168 – (USA/TRINIDAD)
Compay Quinto: El Diablo / The Roots of Chicha 2 / Barbès Records 28 – (PERU)
Malouma: Nebine / Nour / Marabi 46819 – (MAURITANIA)
Balkan Beat Box: Habibi min zaman / Nu*Med / JDub 106 – (ISRAEL)
Amos Hoffman: I Met You / Evolution / RazDaz Records 4606 – (ISRAEL)
Shasha Marley: Buum Buum-Waa Waa / Lost & Found / 1229 – (GHANA)
Aurelio Martinez: Laru Beya / Laru Beya / Stonetree (demo) – (HONDURAS) *NEW*
Claudia Acuña: El Cigarrito / En este momento / Marsalis Music 74946 – (CHILE)
Miles From India: All Blues / Miles From India / Times Square Records 1808 – (USA/INDIA)
Bolita y Su Tentacion Latina: Descarga Tentacion / Panama! Latin, Calypso, and Funk on the Isthmus 1965-75 / Soundway 7 – (PANAMA)
Kirmizi Biber: Bendeniz / Turkish Groove / Putumayo 248 – (TURKEY)
Achilla Orru: Te-Kwarro / Apaa-Idomo / Punch Audio, Inc. 2001 – (UGANDA/CANADA)

2009 montreal jazz fest – day one

July 5, 2009
MIles from India, released 2008

MIles from India, released 2008

Destination: Montreal

Objective: Miles From India, playing tonight at the 30th annual Jazz Festival

Made it here, beautiful drive with intermittent rain and sun breaking through towering white cumulus. Never fail to be a little surprised to see how fast the landscape flattens out after crossing the border. Within a mile or two of the entry port, northern Vermont’s rolling green hills iron out into corn-rowed farmlands that remind me so much of home, growing up at the edge of Colorado’s eastern plains.

A couple of years I visited the Montreal Jazz Festival to enjoy whatever the experience had to offer. Turned out, it offered a LOT: Ravi Coltrane’s incredible 3+ hour concert; a memorable outdoor show on one of the free stages with Esperanza Spalding (who has since, as we know, fully emerged from her prodigy chrysalis to headline at festivals around the world); Bruce Nauman’s delightfully subversive exhibit at the Contemporary Art Museum; and a happy unexpected encounter with participants in a Caribbean Pride Parade on the last morning in town. Special memories. 2009-July4-MontrealJazzFest4

This time around, the reason for coming to the Festival was more focused. Around a year ago I picked up a recording of Miles Davis tunes, played by a group made up of around 15 former bandmates (Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Gary Bartz, etc.) and 15 top-flight Indian musicians. The group – and their remarkably refreshing recording – is Miles From India. It’s remarkable for concentrating so much talent in a single studio recording effort and for the artistic result, which succeeds in concept and most especially in execution.

Tonight’s live Miles From India concert was no less inspring: three drum kits(!), two keyboardists, two sax players, electric bass, a trumpeter, and seven Indian musicians played everything from sitar and tabla to mandolin, wooden flutes, and they dazzled the audience with the characteristic rapid-fire rhythmic singing style that echoes the tabla’s own melodic punctuation. All Blues, So What, and Blue in Green were all in there, the latter enjoying some particularly striking lighting effects with static white wedges of light beaming down at assymetric angles to eerily fragment the stage. So was a touching Michael Jackson tribute – think about that one for a minute. This is a Miles Davis tribute ensemble, including seven traditional Indian musicians, in a musical nod to Michael J. It was heartfelt. And it worked.

2009-July4-MontrealJazzFest2What didn’t work as well was some of the technical aspects at the Theatre Maisonneuve. I can’t tell you what was happening behind the scenes, I wasn’t there. But from my seat in the fifth row center, I can tell you that missed (and mistimed) lighting and sound cues and numerous other repeated sound anomalies unnecessarily shifted the attention at times from the musicians to the process of making live music. Note to crew, from me to you: when you see a musician walking to the mic, that’s a cue THEY’RE GETTING READY TO PLAY, and it’s time to turn up the mic. Some extra light wouldn’t hurt either. Thanks. (If there were behind-the-scenes issues you know about and want to mention, please feel free to leave a comment here and I promise I’ll share it with everyone. I’m not trying to be unfair, I can only tell you what I experienced in the audience. And it was consistently a disappointingly unprofessional production.)

Back to the positive: Rudresh Mahanthappa, the alto sax man and (appointed, he said in a self-deprecating disclaimer) band leader. He was as comfortable drilling out deep, searing solo work as trading bars in more cooperative exchanges with bandmates. I ran into a friend at the show and he mentioned having seen Mahanthappa here around six years ago as an emerging artist on the scene. My friend commented at the transformation Mahanthappa’s made from sideman into the commanding artist he is now. That’s the word: commanding. Appointed or not, he has the charisma, artistry and professional skills to be a leader and take his career as far as he wants to.

I could cite everyone in the group individually for the success and cohesion of tonight’s concert, and they all deserve it. But I believe I do their mission a greater honor in saying that they came together as a group, and as that group they played with a single creative vision that exceeded most expectations. They could have used a little more prep time together to lock down the ‘flow’ of each tune’s architecture (weaving between the multitude of solos and ensemble parts), and the sitar voice was somewhat absentee throughout, owing to the sound difficulties mentioned earlier. But overall a very positive experience thanks to the supreme musicianship.

I’ll leave with those thoughts tonight, and know that if I left the Festival tomorrow the trip here would have already been worth the effort to get here and see Miles From India. I recommend checking out the recording if you get a chance.

No special plans for tomorrow in Montreal. If past experience bears out, that’s going to be the best way to experience as much as possible!

playlist #74 (6/8/2009)-New season, new artists, new music

June 15, 2009
World of Music
Pgm #74 – 6/8/09 – Previewing artist coming to the area &  featuring new world music.
Listen online Mondays 3-5pm EDT at The Radiator
Nas with Youssou N’Dour & Neneh Cherry: Wake Up (It’s Africa Calling) / Open Remix / (download) – (USA / SENEGAL)
Calima: Gatito Perdido (Lost Kitten) / Azul / ColoRecords 94877 – (SPAIN)
Ojos de Brujos: Ventilaor R-80 / Bari / La Fabrica de Colores 1 – (SPAIN)
The Paragons: The Tide is High / Treasure Isle-Rock Steady / Heartbeat 95 – (JAMAICA)
Nikki Giovanni: Poem For a Lady Whose Voice I Like (dedicated to Nina Simone) / The Way I Feel / Collectables 6507 – (USA)
Trio Braam de Joode Vatcher: Songs Each Night / Change This Song / VPRO 2005 – (NETHERLANDS) * At the Discover Jazz Festival (Flynn Space) on Thu. 6/11, at 8:30pm: … atcher.php *
Jennifer Hartswick: That’s All / TRUE / Rubber Jungle Records 7 – (MADE IN VERMONT) * At the Discover Jazz Festival (Flynn Space) on Thu. 6/14, at 7:00pm: … tswick.php *
James & Troy Andrews: Bourbon Street Parade / New Orleans Brass / Putumayo 270 – (N’AWLINS) * Get a boogie on at the Waterfront Bayou Funk Tent, Thu. 6/11: BBQ at 5, music at  6: … stoltz.php *
Félix Balloy: El mal de la hipocresía / Baila Mi Son / Tumi 100 – (CUBA)
Timbalada: Ashansu Serviço de Animação Popular / Vale Music 376 – (BRAZIL)
Umalali: Nibari / Hear Globally / Cumbancha 2009 – (BELIZE) *NEW ANTHOLOGY *
Will Patton Ensemble: Valse 29 / 6th St. Runaround / King’s Hill Music 2008 – (MADE IN VERMONT)
El Tanbura: I Saw The Moon / Between the Desert and the Sea / World Village 450002 – (EGYPT) *NEW*
Paul Metzger, modified banjo: Improvisation #3 / Three Improvisations on Modified Banjo / 2005
Mo’ Horizons: Pé ne éstrada (Hit the Road Jack) / Brazil Remixed / Groove Gravy 1102 – (BRAZIL)
Kobo Town: Trinity / Independence / Kobo 1 – (TRINIDAD)
Miles From India: So What / Miles From India / Times Square Records 1808 – (INDIA/USA)  ==
Ismaël Lô: Dibi Dibi Rek / The Balladeer-The Best Of / Wrass 31 – (SENEGAL)
Pink Martini: Andalucia / Sympathique / Heinz Records 1 – (USA) * At the Discover Jazz Festival (Flynn Space) on Sat. 6/13, at 8:00pm: … artini.php *
Gilberto Gil: Metáfora / Gil Luminoso / drg brazil 31618 – (BRAZIL)
Le Vent du Nord: Le berger (the Villager) / Dans Les Airs / Borealis 189 – (QUÉBEC)
Alash: Bashtak-la Deesh Meni Kanchaar? (Trad. Tuvan folksong) / Alash / 2008 – (TUVA)
Gertrudis: Intro oye-Oye-Les Czardas de Monti / 500 (recorded live) / Mass Records 72509 – (SPAIN) *NEW*

playlist: #71 (5/18/09)-new releases

May 18, 2009
World of Music
Pgm #71 – 5/18/09 – What’s new? Listen up here and find out.
Listen online Mondays 3-5pm EDT at The Radiator
Abou Chihabi: Lewo! Lewo! / Folkomor Ocean / Playsound 65188 – (COMOROS ISLANDS)
Alicia Villareal: Pepe Le Pew / Cuando el se Cruza / Universal B0002264 – (MEXICO)
Gotan Project: Santa Maria / World Lounge / Putumayo 198 – (FRANCE/ARGENTINA)
Maria de Barros: Tabanka di Txada Grandi / Morabeza / Sheer Group 2009 – (CAPE VERDE, AFRICA) *NEW* – Maria de Barros in concert this Thu. Evening at Higher Ground: *
Nat King Cole (mixed by Cut Chemist): Day In Day Out / Nat King Cole RE: Generations / Capitol 2009 – (USA) *NEW*
El Tanbura: Zayy El Nhardah (The Canal Song) / Between The Desert and The Sea / World Village 450002 – (EGYPT) *NEW*
Black Koldmadina: Amazing / Trouble The Water / BKM 1 – (N’AWLINS) *NEW*
Miles From India: All Blues / Miles From India / Times Square Records 1808 – (USA/INDIA) * Miles From India at the Montreal Jazz Festival on July 4th: … px?id=9090 *
Pink Martini: Sympathique / World Lounge / Putumayo 198 (USA) * Pink Martini at the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival on June 13th: … artini.php *
David Lowe’s Dreamcatcher: Sadhu / What…is Inbetween? / Oval 601 – (UK/JAPAN)
Agnese Manganaro: Ferma e Piccola / Mille Petali / Irma Records 846 – (ITALY) *NEW*
Chango Spasiuk: Tierra Colorada / Pynandi / World Village 468083 – (ARGENTINA) *NEW*
Boogie Balagan: Dalida Blooz / Lamentation Walloo / Warner Music France 5101179512 – (FRANCE/ISRAEL/PALESTINE)
Gu Guanren: Peking Opera Melody: Flowing Water / Phases of the Moon / Sony 36705 – (CHINA)
The Idan Raichel Project: Chalomot Shel Acherim / Within My Walls / Cumbancha 10 – (ISRAEL) *NEW*
Calypso Rose (featuring Soft/Fred Deshayes): Summertime / Calypso Rose / CMG 2308 – (TOBAGO)
Africando All-Stars: Son Fo / Baila! / Putumayo 251 – (S. AFRICA)
Culture Music Club: Ni Yeye (It’s Him) / Shime! / World Village 468080 – (TANZANIA) *NEW*
Los Coronas: Secret Agent Man / Surfin’ Tenochtitlan / Isotonic Records 97 – (SPAIN)
Claudia Acuña: El Cigarrito / En Este Momento / Marsalis Music 74946 – (CHILE) *NEW*
Daby Touré & Skip McDonald: Riddem / Call My Name / Real World Music 37005 – (USA/MAURITANIA) *NEW*
ABC Bossa: Garota de Ipanema (The Girl From Ipanema) / Evolucion / VND Records 2007 – (ARGENTINA)
Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Let’s Do It / Ilembe: Our Tribute to King Shaka / Gallo Records 5051442 – (S. AFRICA)
Mamer: Kargashai & Flute Song / Eagle / Real World Music 884108 – (CHINA)
Willie Colón: Narcomula / El Malo vol. 11: Prisoneros del Mambo / Lone Wolf 804 – (PUERTO RICO) *NEW*

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