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2010 montreal jazz fest – wednesday

July 5, 2010

The Montreal Fine Arts Museum (Musée des Beaux Arts) is currently hosting a deliciously comprehensive exhibit called We Want Miles, a room-by-room, decade-by-decade, style-by-style timeline on the late bandleader and trumpeter’s life and career. The treasury of jazz artifacts includes one of John Coltrane’s Selmer tenors, Miles’ own mutes and mouthpieces, extensive video interview material, Miles’ stage costumes, and a loooottttt of other materials and interestingly presented information. Not only does it give you the personal and historical contexts in which to better understand his music, but it shines a deserved spotlight on many of the excellent musicians he played with over the years: Fats Navarro, Hot Lips Page, Kenny Dorham, and the list goes on. We Want Miles will be at the Museum through the end of August. Don’t miss it.

I spent time (not nearly enough) at the exhibit on Wednesday afternoon, before returning to the Festival for more music at the outdoor stages. Another cool, clear, breezy evening had the added bonus of making for some great photographic opportunities. See next update…

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