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biking in the snow

February 5, 2011

Remember that story we talked about last week, where North Country Public Radio’s reporter Brian Mann went snowshoeing in subzero weather?

Today’s ‘enjoy winter!’ story comes from NPR – they talked with Jeff Clarke of Canaan, Maine. Deep snow and ice don’t even come close to keeping him from getting out for a good bike ride. It does take special bike tires to cut through all of that.

I’m there too. It’s a gorgeously sunny, blue sky morning here today. Just getting back on my feet after a couple of days of stomach flu, but rumor has it there’s a storm on its way this afternoon and I am not going to miss what promises to be some of the best x-country skiing of the year. Talk to you in a few hours, after I get back. Maybe even have some new pictures to share.

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