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August 4, 2009
8/4/09 - Moon over Owl's Head

8/4/09 - Moon over Owl's Head

Pick blueberries, big as grapes.

Eat blueberries (you know, not a lot, that would be rude. Just a couple to find out where the sweetest bushes are).

Take a break, enjoy a picnic in the setting sun with a backdrop of blueberry bush-covered hillsides and rolling green mountains.

Do a little dance to Dixieland favorites like All of Me, I Got A New Baby, and…wait a minute. Really?


It’s the special summertime experience of the Owl’s Head Blueberry Farm in Richmond. Right around this time every year when the blueberries get as big and ripe as the August full moon, the bands come out to play and the hillsides fill with folks picking berries, having picnics on the grassy spaces between the bushes, and…dancing. Always dancing.

It’s between work and home, and not far from where I live. I try to get there at least once a summer.

Quarts of sweet blueberry goodness

Quarts of sweet blueberry goodness

Music figures into the experience every Tuesday and Thursday (weather dependent – everything is) from around the third week of July until the end of August.

Over the last few summers of visits I’ve heard guitarists, recorder ensembles, and, tonight – a Dixieland band – all playing to an audience of friends, families, and rows and rows of busting blueberry bushes.

Tonight’s haul: 8 quarts, one picnic, two ears full of cricket songs and sweet Dixieland clarinet, and, a moonlit ride home through the Valley.

A pretty good summer night overall.

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