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memorial day

May 31, 2010

World of Music is taking a little spring break this week, spending the afternoon reflecting on Memorial Day and enjoying the great weather.

Next week at the usual time (Monday, 3-5pm) I hope you’ll tune in to The Radiator and check out the live stream of JazzLab, it’s the station’s third year broadcasting live from the Firehouse Gallery on Church Street during Burlington’s Discover Jazz Festival.

This year the premise is a little different. Rather than featuring DJs on hand doing their thing live with visiting musicians, as has been the scenario in previous years, this time around three bands who competed to win the privilege of receiving a live recording session will be broadcast live over the air as the recording process is underway.  Parker Shper, James Harvey, and the Villanelles will all be featured with their groups on consecutive days; Monday June 7th, Tuesday the 8th, and Wednesday the 9th.

Keep an eye out here for more updates about all things Discover Jazz Fest, 2010 – we’re just days away now!

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