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island vacation getaway

January 10, 2010

(Kauai sunset, photo by Karen Worrell)

Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Trinidad, Jamaica, the Seychelles – what do these tropical paradises have in common?

Yes, they’re all places Northerners dream about when the mercury is stuck well below freezing for days on end. They’re also places we’ll be visiting in music on this week’s World of Music.

It’s the popular annual “island vacation getaway” show, with enough steel guitars, ukuleleles, pan drums and maracas to shake off the post-Christmas winter blahs and fill your head with visions of palm trees and orchids.

World of Music is a parasailing, rum-sipping, cocktail mix of blues, jazz, poetry, and world music every Monday from 3-5pm ET on the Radiator.  Online, or at 105.9FM if you’re listening in Burlington, VT.

Get some sand in your shoes with us this week.

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