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musique mécanique

March 6, 2010

George Antheil included the roar of airplane propellers in his Ballet Mécanique.

In György Ligeti’s Poème Symphonique, 100 Metronomes are  set off for around 20 fascinating minutes of multi-layered, clacking interaction.

One of least successful (musically) but more humorous adventures of mechanics in music is Malcolm Arnold’s A Grand, Grand Festival Overture – which calls for the periodic intervention of a small fleet vacuum cleaners and floor polishers.

There are a lot of examples of composers trying to interpret the machines, technology and invention of the world around them into a musical language. That makes the new OK Go video far from unprecedented. And yet, I know you have never experienced anything like this. The extra musical dimension here is visual.

I could tell you that wrecked cars, empty bottles, balls, dominos, paint guns and umbrellas all play a part in OK Go’s new song, This Too Shall Pass. But you won’t believe what you’re hearing until you see it:

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